The Vice-Chancellor of PIFD, Professor Hina Tayyaba Khalil to represent 24 member universities from Pakistan at the Association of Commonwealth Universities Council.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) is pleased to announce that Professor Hina Tayyaba Khalil, Vice Chancellor of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design in Lahore, has been elected to present Pakistan at the esteemed Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Council. Professor Hina Tayyaba Khalil will represent the 24 member universities from Pakistan within the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
The ACU is a global network of universities that share a common commitment to advancing global progress through international cooperation in higher education. It is achieved through funding research and development projects undertaken by university faculty and students. As the world's oldest international university network, it has facilitated collaboration among universities from across the Commonwealth for more than a century. The ACU boasts a membership of over 500 universities in 50 countries spanning the Commonwealth.
The ACU Council comprises a maximum of 23 members, all vice-chancellors representing ACU member universities from various Commonwealth nations. These members are elected to their positions by their peers within the ACU membership network.
PIFD would like to express its heartfelt gratitude for the trust and confidence that member universities of Pakistan have placed in our Vice-Chancellor. Professor Hina Tayyaba Khalil is committed to representing our nation and our universities with the utmost dedication and professionalism at the prestigious ACU forum. Together, we will work towards advancing the goals of higher education, fostering international collaboration, and making a positive impact on our shared global community.