Safety measures stressed at traffic awareness seminar

A seminar on Traffic Awareness and Road Safety was held at the Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) on December 16, 2022.
Senior officers from City Traffic Police, PIFD faculty, staff and students attended the seminar. The event was aimed at increasing the public preference towards adherence to traffic rules and regulations. In this context, a special presentation was given by the trained professionals from traffic police.
Speakers emphasized that the use of a helmet primarily benefits the rider and ensures safety from critical head injuries and is a mandatory life saving gadget for a biker. They also reminded that driving without a valid driving license is an illegal act and pre-requisite for responsible citizens while driving a vehicle.
They highlighted another heinous violation of one-way rules usually committed by individuals which not only puts their life in danger but also proves fatal for other road commuters. Speakers stressed that adherence to the law ensures quality of life, peace and, protect lives and property of citizens.
Besides, a Mobile Licensing Van was also deputed at PIFD campus by City Traffic Police to facilitate the concerned staff and students regarding learner, driving license, renewal of license, duplicate of license and international driving license.