"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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Department of textile design
Bachelor of Design (Textile Design)
The dynamic Textile Design program at PIFD aims to develop individual artistic skills along with meeting the industrial demands globally. The program encourages the students to explore various dimensions of textile applications for certain target groups. Students are exposed to both conceptual & technical aspects of textile design. This helps them to distinguish between fabric qualities, use of appropriate fibers, yarns, constructions, ornaments & special surface finishes to develop various fabrics in relation to final products. The four-year degree offers specialization in either home or apparel design.

Students get opportunity to learn skills like weaving, knitting, printing & special finishing. They work directly in the labs on campus that are equipped with the latest tools & Industrial machinery. They are also exposed to specialized fields i.e. textile marketing & merchandizing, textile pricing & costing.

PIFD encourages both faculty & students to attend international training programs. Students securing high grades along with faculty are sent to attend workshops to affiliate institute in Sweden, University of Boras. Previously the dept. has attended workshops & trainings at Rhode Island School of Design, USA & London College of Fashion, LCF, UK, Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone, Italy and Accademia del Lusso, Milan, Italy.
At Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD), we recognize the importance of work, experience and job placements as a key for shaping the future career of students. The textile design program prepare their students for diverse career opportunities in the growing Textile Industry. Our graduates are hired straight from the thesis degree show. They take jobs in design houses, export houses, textile manufactures and the retail world.

Alumni Employed

1. Elan
2. Faraz Mannan
3. Breakout
4. Urban Culture
5. Ethnic by Outfitters
6. Generation
7. ChenOne
8. CrossStitch
9. FlairTextiles
10. Fashion Pakistan Lounge
English-III (Creative Writing and Public Speaking)
Textile CAD
English-IV (Critical Thinking)
Textile Basics
History of Design-II
Textile Design Seminar-I
History of Design-I
Fibres and Yarns
Knit Design Studio
Design Foundation-I (Ornaments)
Knit Design and Technology
Advance Weaving
Design Foundation-II (Colours)
Weave Design Studio-II
Print Design
Weave Design Studio-I
Printing Technology
Applied Processes and Finishes
Textile Marketing and Management
Design Studio-I
Textile Marketing and Merchandising
English-V (Business Writing)
English-VI (Dissertation Writing)
English-VII (Dissertation Writing)
Contemporary Design Studies
Research Methodology
Collection - Drawing (Research and Development)
Product Detail and Development-I
Product Detail and Development-II (Home/ Apparel)
Collection - Textile Construction (Development)
Product Execution-I
Product Execution-II (Home/ Apparel)
Collection - Product Development
Textile Embellishments
Research Project
Design Studio-II
Textile Design Seminar-II
Textile Pricing and Costing
Ms. Umber Zahid
Associate Professor
MFA in Textile Design, University College of Boras, Sweden.
Mr. Faseeh Saleem
Assistant Professor/ Course Coordinator
M.F.A in Fashion & Textile Design  with specialization in Texttile Design/Fiber Art,

Swedish School of Textiles, University of Boras, Sweden
Ms. Bushra Jamil
Assistant Professor
Enrolled in Master in Communication and Cultural Studies (NCA)
Bachelor in Textile Design, NCA, Lahore. Certificate Course at Mod'Spa Instute of Paris.
Dr. Allah dad
Assistant Professor
PhD Textile Management with specialisation in woven Fabrics
Master in Entrepreneurship & small medium enterprises management  (GCU Lahore) 
Mr. Muhammad Kamran
Assistant Professor
Enrolled in M.S Textile  UMT
Bachelor of Textile Design (National College of Arts)
Ms. Rabbia Asif
M.B.A (Marketing) (National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore)
Ms. Nabiha Aziz Khan
Ms. Mishal Shafique
Teaching Associate
Ms. Mashal Zahra
Teaching Associate
Ms. Ayesha Munawar
Teaching Associate
Ms. Sadaf Khalid Rana
Deputy Course Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Fatima Iftikhar
Teaching Associate
Ms. Zeb Bilal
Ms. Mahreen Anwar
Mr. Bilal Ahmed
Visiting Faculty
Mr. Hassan Mujtaba
Visiting Faculty
Mr. Azeem Hamid
Visiting Faculty
Ms.Hafsa Mahmood
Visiting Faculty

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