"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
department of furniture design & manufacture
Bachelor of Design (Furniture Design and Manufacture)
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design-PIFD is the only Institute offering Furniture Design and Manufacture programme in the country. PIFD started the department of Furniture Design & Manufacture in 2009 that offers a four year degree program.The programme is firmly based on contemporary design thinking, furniture manufactures offers to balance creativity with practicality. The programme has strong links with industry and during the course students will develop practical understanding of the material and processes adopted by small and large furniture manufacturers.

It develops independent and creative thinking through a series of intense design projects, culminating in the exhibition of students' work. This program focuses on developing the students’ innovative, analytical and technical skills so that they are aware of different possibilities and the needs of local and international markets. The course title reflects the importance of design linked with the practical processes adopted by furniture manufactures, set within a business context.
The graduates can pursue a career in interior design consultancy, home styling, and furniture designing by working for a brand or under their own label. They can be a part of academia by teaching in national and international institutions. Furniture industry of Pakistan can never flourish without creating a synergy between the designer and the craftsman. As a Furniture Department, we firmly believe in, and encourage the contribution in our society to work directly with the specialized industry as well as individuals to participate in the society and to increase the outcome of our program
Semester-III & IV
Semester-V & VI
Semester-VII & VIII
English - III
English – IV (Technical Writing)
English VI (Dissertation Research and Writing)
History of Furniture and Contextual Studies - I & II
English – V (Research Report Writing)
English VII – Dissertation
Drawing - I & II
History of Furniture and Contextual Studies – III
Drawing V
Technical Drawing -Drafting I & II
Business Studies (Marketing)
Furniture Manufacture – IV
Design Studio – I & II
Financial Costing
Material Exploration II
Furniture Manufacture I & II
Drawing III & IV
Computer Aided Design – III
Material and Technique I & II
Design Studio - III
Business Plan
Timber Technology
Furniture Manufacture-III
Professional Practice II -Exhibition & Portfolio
Material and Techniques – III
Brief, Research & Ideation - Major Project
Material Exploration – I
Development - Major Project
Computer Aided Design I & II
Production - Major Project
Professional Practice I – Exhibition and Portfolio
Research & Design – Design Project
Development & Production- Design Project
Mr. Andrew Shenton
Foreign Consultant
Furniture Studies, Design and Technology, Buckingham Chilterns University College, England.
Mr. Kashif Javed
Masters in Interior Design- NCA, Lahore

Bachelors in Furniture Design and Manufacture-PIFD
Mr. Waqas Anees
BFA in Visual Arts, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore
Mr. Muhammad Asif
Bachelors in Furniture Design and Manufacture-PIFD
Mr. Shoaib Ashraf
Bachelors in Product and Industrial Design – UET, Lahore

Adjunct Faculty

Mr. Agha Husnain
- -
Masters in Fashion Management with Specialization in Marketing and Retailing, University of Boras, Sweden.
Ms. Naveen Zahra
- -
M.phil in English Language Teaching Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore.
Ms. Beenish Malhi
- -
BSc (Hons.) Accounting and Finance (Double Major) Minnesota State University, USA
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