"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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HEC Need Based Scholarship

Higher Education Commission aims to elevate the socio-economic position of needy & deserving students by providing access to quality education through needs-based scholarships. Government of Pakistan has also duly acknowledged the financial constraints barring students from acquiring higher education and has thus earmarked substantial funds for improvement of education sector.

  • To provide an opportunity for talented students who are financially disadvantaged and are incapable of meeting higher education costs at partner institutions /universities in all disciplines
  • To provide opportunities for academically qualified, yet financially needy, Pakistani students to continue university studies in selected partner universities of Pakistan, especially from remote and rural areas of Pakistan (FATA, KPK, Southern Punjab, Balochistan, and Northern Sindh).
Eligibility Criteria
  • Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at Undergraduate and Graduate level in all disciplines at HEC selected public sector Pakistani universities and degree awarding institutions
  • Students need to compete for securing admission at the participating institution as per admission policy of the institution and be enrolled in Undergraduate (4 years) or 2 years MA/MSc programs.
  • The eligibility of a candidate is linked to his/her financial needs as assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee. The financial background of the family of the applicant will be kept in view in this regard.
  • The number of Graduate and Undergraduate slots will be decided by the universities but weightage will be given to Undergraduate slots.
  • Funding for Graduate and Undergraduate slots will continue for the complete duration of the program. In case any students drop out, they will be replaced by other candidates on the waiting list.
  • All disciplines will be kept open. The selected university will decide whether to include or exclude any discipline keeping in view its grant, program cost, and number of allocated slots, etc.
  • In the case of Medicine, Pharm-D and other five year programs, funding will be made available for the complete program.
  • Considering the allocated grant, the university may adjust the total number of scholarships to an extent in order to cover the tuition fees.
  • In addition to the tuition fee, every grantee will be paid Rs. 6000 stipend per month for the complete program.

Note: The complete application should be sent to relevant Financial Aid Offices where the applicant intends to secure admission.

Punjab Education Endowment Funds (PEEF)

Punjab Education Endowment Funds (PEEF) has awarded 10 scholarships to meritorious and deserving students for the graduation degree course every year for Foundation Year Studies Students. The Fund will be offered to the students meeting the following criteria:

  1. Students must have domicile of the Punjab Province
  2. Students must have secured at least 60% marks (first division) in their Intermediate Annual Examination and must have enrolled in the Undergraduate Level Design Education Professional degree program in the same year as they have passed such Examination from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Punjab or the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
  3. Students must have passed the above mentioned examination from
    • A government institution (students of Federal Government Institutions situated within geographical boundaries of Punjab are eligible).
    • A private affiliated institution.
    • As a private candidate.
  4. The annual household Parent’s income of each of the student must not be more than Rs. 360,000/- (Rupees Three Hundred & Sixty Thousand Only).
  5. The student must also qualify under the criteria for award of financial aid prescribed by the institution.
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