"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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Students from Furniture Design Department and Textile Design Department, on a study tour, visited Hunza for a week. Students visited places of historical significance like Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Ancient Village of Ganish and Sacred Rock Carvings of Buddhist period. Students also visited traditional craft centres to study local techniques of woodworking and weaving. They visited Ciqam’s furniture manufacturing facility, a project run by Aga Khan Foundation and managed by local women of Hunza. Students also visited craft shops and Khunjrab border.
Students of Furniture Design and Manufacture Department visited Ecole Boulle, Paris for ten days training in Marquetry along with two faculty members. They also visited Maison et Objet, an international trade fare and various museums and galleries.
The Department of Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences initiated a visit to Anarkali for third Semester students to make them familiar with the local market, tools and materials. Mr. Shuja Ur Rehman and Lab Assistants: Mr.Aleem and Mr. Harris accompanied the 24 students on the trip.
The 9th batch (2013-17) of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising was taken on a field visit for a course on Production Planning and Control. They visited the textile- manufacturing unit “Navetech Apparel,” a company that manufactures products for international brands including Forever 21. During this visit, the students were briefed about the entire garment manufacturing process. They were taken to different departments of the company such as fabrication, cutting, stitching, finishing and packaging. This visit provided the students an opportunity to see practical application of the various concepts they have learnt in the course of Production planning and Control. It also answered all the questions they had in their minds regarding practical implications of theory.
For better understanding of finishing and packing process of footwear, students of Semester-VII were taken to Firhaj Footwear (Pvt.) Ltd, Lahore (Hush Puppies) on 26th August 2016. Students were able to observe and learn application of different types of finishes on various materials, along with comprehensive understanding of industrial finishing and packing process of local and export brands.
The department of Jewellery Design and Gemological Sciences arranged a fifteen days study tour to Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, in basic gems cutting and lapidary. Sixteen students from Semester 4 and 6, along with one faculty member and a lab supervisor, Amina Rizwan and Humayun Iqbal were selected for the trip.

The training course held at Gem and Jewellery Research and Training Institute, Ratnapura, the gems capital of Sri Lanka, known for its advance gems cutting expertise and research centers, precious stones mining and industrially established gemstone cutting and faceting factories.

The two weeks course centered on introducing relevant tools for preforming, cutting, faceting and polishing a single stone, Quartz, which further led to acquiring and perfecting technical skill in four core types of cuts: Round Brilliant, Oval Brilliant, Emerald Cut and Cabochon. The second week was utilized for a visit to mines and gems cutting factory, Gems Museums and exploring local colored gemstones markets.
The Department of Furniture Design and Manufacture organized a trip to Silanwali, with the help of AHAN, to learn about local craftsmanship. Silanwali is famous for its traditional wood carving and lacquer work. Students visited various handicraft showrooms and workshops. They also witnessed local craftsmen working in traditional manners.
A study trip on 5th -14th Feb 2016 was planned to IVS Karachi where students attended lecture by Prof. Shehnaz Ismial based on the study of Sindhi crafts. Students also interacted with the artisans and visited historical places i.e. Mahatta Palce and Chaukandi Tombs.  Another study trip to Hunza was arranged from 24th Sept-01 Oct 2016 to explore the crafts and traditional practices of the area.
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