"Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design"
" Welcome to Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design "
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Importants Matters

Student Identity Card

The Student Identity Card is the student’s passport to the Institute premises. The students must wear it in the classes, the library, studios, workshops and computer room; it provides proof of enrolment at the Institute. Students are required to keep it handy and show it on demand. In case of loss, a duplicate card may be provided on payment of prescribed fee. The Student Identity Card is valid for four year academic session and must be returned to the Course Coordinator on completion of the session or completion of the course to enable the refund of library and Institute security deposits.

Dress Code

All the students must adhere to the ‘Dress Code’ within the Institute. Failure to comply may result in the imposition of certain fine or direction to leave the PIFD premises. Dress Code for female students is mentioned below:

  • Knee length Kameez /short or long sleeve,Shalwar and Dopata /Scarf.
  • Trousers/Jeans/Pants with knee length Shirt/short or long sleeve and Dopata/Scarf.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear sleeveless dresses, fitted t-shirts, caprie, short tops.

Male students must be in presentable dress. Short trousers, night suits and slippers are not allowed.

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